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Soul Fire Cocoa Genesis
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Soul Fire Cocoa Genesis

Organic and raw chocolate products

Address: 23B Coolman Street, Tyalgum, NSW, 2484
Contact: Grayle Harlequin
Phone: 0467 242 491
Fax: (02) 6679 2018
Certifier: OFC

An innovative business in foods and beverages based on Certified Organic, Raw,  Fair Trade Cocoa and Chocolate is here. Soul Fire Cocoa Genesis introduces a revolution in Organic Chocolate like you’ve never seen or tasted before!

Organic cocoa and dark chocolate are one of the richest sources of nutrition in the plant kingdom. Cocoa or cacao, as legend tells, was a gift from the Divine to humanity. Originating in South America, Cocoa has become a worldwide renowned sustaining Superfood. Research has revealed that organic cocoa and chocolate are a nutritional source that supports many health benefits, such as brain and nerve function, heart and circulation, as well as containing the highest beneficial antioxidants. Not to mention chocolate’s natural emotional balancing and “love bliss” effect that it has on our whole living being!

Soul Fire Cocoa Genesis has been operating since 2005, combining Cocoa with other plants containing exquisite aromas, flavours and nutrients, and sets the precedence for real delicious gourmet nutrition.

Why Organic?

Food free of herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, chemical fertilisers and GMO, have far more nutritional value, and reduced risk of allergies, and digestive problems, which lead to greater diseases and less capacity for the body’s immune system to support itself. The chocolate of Soul Fire Cocoa Genesis comes from northern South America, Peru and the Carribean, where it is grown through  fair trade co-operatives.

Soul Fire Cocoa Genesis and the specially prepared products have been created for those who have a passion for chocolate as well as their health and wellbeing. It serves to inspire consciousness, awareness and nourishment for the Body, Heart and Soul. They range from Protein Powders, Meal Supplements, Herbal Teas/Drinks, Trail Mix, Belgium Style Truffles, Cookies, Florentines, Panforte, Mousse, Fudge, Brownie, Bread, Body Butter and more. Each beautifully presented, and described as “The Epitome of Chocolate”. The products range in benefits to meet the many dietary challenges that people face today, and therefore vary in being free from wheat, gluten, dairy, refined sugar, soy, nuts and egg.

Educational Workshops have also been created for people to participate in and learn about the energy, history, nutritional benefits and taste of real good quality chocolate.

The recipes are created by the founder who has a qualified trained background in Natural Medicine, and then handcrafted from the Heart Current of love itself.

It is a small business located in the heart of the Green Caldera of Northern NSW, in the village of Tyalgum near Mount Warning, where the first light of day touches Australia.

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